Functionality for displaying/filtering categories of conditions in Conditions to only be visible to a certain user group


We have more than one user group working in our instance of Tridion Docs at Cytiva.

By user group I mean different stakeholders/departments with different needs.

As part of scalability support in onboarding different user groups it would be great if categories of conditions in the Conditions pane in Pub Manager could be filtered or displayed according to user group.

It could be that dozens of conditions are applicable to one group but not the other groups, but the other groups still have to scroll past and view irrelevant condition categories.

Perhaps a functionality where you can set group user read rights on subfolders in the Condition Management folder inside the System folder.

The same also applies to system templates for creating maps and publications and topics, but at least there you can have different tabs dedicated to different user groups.

Best Regards

Peter Strömbäck

System Owner, Cytiva Sweden