Under Community Review

Review Space comment placement when annotation does not refer to original content

Currently, after an annotation has been added, the content to which the annotation applied may change (the annotated content may get fixed, modified or removed). If the annotation cannot find its position, the annotation is attached to the content item as a whole. Despite such best efforts, it can still be hard to see what your annotation originally referred to. My suggestions are for 1) the unassociated comments on the right hand side to be distinguished from comments that are anchored, and 2) when the annotation to the whole item (the word bubble with the number of disassociated comments) is clicked, the comments on the right hand side should cycle through only the comments that are disassociated (right now it only takes you to the first of the disassociated comments).

  • Thanks for the post! As you've probably noticed, it's not just that any content change disassociates the comment – most times the comment is kept in place, and if not, it can be mapped to the block at least. But sometimes as you point out it's attached to the whole content item. I'll pass on the feedback about enhancing the usability by distinguishing the "disassociated" comments more clearly.