We are pleased to announce the availability of a Service Pack for SDL Contenta and SDL Contenta S1000D v5.5.

This Service Pack is available as a single patch installer that contains:

  • Roll-up of over 20 Hot Fixes
  • Editor Tool Refresh for Contenta customers
    • FrameMaker 2015: XML content (vs. Frame Book)
    • Arbortext Editor 7, 64-bit support
  • Editor Tool Refresh for Contenta S1000D customers
    • Arbortext Editor 7, 64-bit support
  • Streamlined architecture for the Perl API
    • Connects directly via TCP/IP to the Contenta Server (Portal)

Any customer currently using Contenta/Contenta S1000D 5.5.0 is entitled to this v5.5.1 Service Pack and we encourage you to upgrade to this latest version release, even if you have already received Hot Fix patches. As with any new release we ask that you review the Service Pack Release Notes and Fixed Issues Report prior to installing the Service Pack. To initiate the ordering and delivery of this Service Pack release please open a support ticket through the SDL Customer Support Web Portal.