SDL Contenta 5.5
SDL Contenta S1000D 5.5
SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.5

SDL announces the immediate availability of this new version release for our Contenta and S1000D customers. Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements. Please refer to the Release Notes for a complete list and detailed descriptions.

SDL Contenta and SDL Contenta S1000D 5.5 
PKI Authentication/Single Sign On

  • Contenta Web users can be configured to use Client Certificate PKI authentication for single sign on.
Search enhancements
  • Multiple crawlers can simultaneously index multiple databases in a single database instance
Contenta Web List View Performance Enhancements
  • Performance has been improved when retrieving large lists of objects resulting in a more responsive user experience
  • Additional options are available when setting how many objects to display and defaults have been optimized for a better user experience
  • IE compatibility mode is no longer used
Contenta & Contenta S1000D Java API and Web Services API
  • Released for general availability!
Additional information for all upgrade customers
  • In addition to the application upgrades for Contenta and Contenta S1000D, database upgrades are required with this version release.
Additional information for upgrade customers who have custom tools
  • New Java and WS APIs are 100% backwards compatible for custom Java tools and programs.
  • CORBA API is no longer supported; COM API is deprecated
  • Support for custom Perl tools and programs is provided via Perl wrappers using RESTful Web Services API. Perl wrappers provide significant backwards compatibility for custom Perl tools using the PCMtools API, but limited functionality for custom Perl tools using the PCMClient API. Customers with custom Perl tools are encouraged to contact SDL Customer Support for assistance when planning your upgrade to Contenta 5.5. 
SDL Contenta S1000D 5.5
S1000D Publish enhancements
  • In addition to publishing directly to SDL XPP for PDF/Print or to SDL LiveContent S1000D for IETM/IETP, you can now publish directly to the file system, or by updating a configuration file to another IETM/IETP generator or PDF publishing engine
  • Publication change packages, containing only those objects that have been changed, can be generated for delivery to IETMs. These incremental updates can be optimized for size or speed.
S1000D Upload Enhancements
  • Contenta S1000D supports HTML5 for Upload, no longer relying on an applet
  • S1000D Upload uploads MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files into new file format named folders and applies MIME types so that Content Check Out, Check In, Fetch and View tools launch the appropriate application.
DDN Export has new capabilities for including referenced DMs, ICNs, and PMs. A comprehensive log file provides a list of all exported objects along with identifying any missing or inaccessible objects.
SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.5
  • IETMs now detect the device being used and apply a new alternate Tablet skin to provide an optimized tablet and touch screen experience for the IETM user
  • Illustrations, Multimedia and other media type files can now be shared across multiple IETMs from a single figure’s folder
  • Illustrations, Multimedia and other media type encryption is now a configurable option
  • IETM Table of Contents can be configured to display the infoname, the techname or both
All new software releases are available via secure FTP download.
Customers with an active maintenance contract can obtain service packs and version release upgrades by opening a support ticket through the SDL Customer Portal. Customers without a maintenance contract should contact their SDL Account Manager for a price quote.
Current product release status
Active version releases:
  • SDL Contenta 5.5
  • SDL Contenta S1000D 5.5
  • SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.5
Mature version releases:
  • SDL Contenta 5.3
  • SDL Contenta S1000D 5.3
  • SDL Contenta S1000D 5.4
  • SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.3
  • SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.4
Retired version releases:
  • SDL Contenta 5.2 and earlier
  • SDL Contenta S1000D 5.2 and earlier
  • SDL LiveContent S1000D 5.2 and earlier

Questions on this release announcement can be sent to Jennifer Goodman, Director, Product Management: 

Kind Regards,
SDL Support