The key themes for these version releases are User Productivity and Spec Compliance.

Here are some of the highlights from each of the products:

Spec Compliance

  • New S1000D Issue 5.0 support
    • Issue 5.0 Upload, Manage, Validate, Publish, Export
  • New LiveContent S1000D Support for Issue 1.6 and up for IETMs published via Contenta S1000D Publish
  • New DMRL file support
    • Upload Codes allows DMC and ICN code import from a DMRL file
    • Manage Programs allows export of codes to DMRL file
  • New CIR support, read CIR directly
    • All CIR types
    • Resolve CIRs during Contenta S1000D Publish to XPP for PDF and LiveContent S1000D for IETM

User Productivity

  • New S1000D XML Editor leveraging Oxygen XML Author as an optional product offering
  • New LiveContent S1000D Publish for use when IETMs are being published independently from SDL Contenta S1000D
  • New Contenta Web background ’Paste‘ that optimizes Cut/Paste, Copy/Paste and Reuse/Paste operations involving large amounts of data
  • Enhancements to S1000D Upload Content and Upload Codes

The Release Notes for these products will contain information on all of the new features and feature enhancements.

Any maintenance customer currently using version 5.# of these applications is entitled to the v5.8.1 and v5.9 version releases and we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version release at your earliest convenience. To initiate the ordering and delivery of this version release, please open a support ticket through the SDL Customer Support Web Portal

As with any new release we ask that you review the Platform Requirements, Release Notes and Fixed Issues Report prior to installing the release. These documents, along with the complete SDL Contenta, SDL Contenta S1000D and SDL LiveContent S1000D Documentation set is available at the SDL Documentation Center