I apologize for the lateness in posting this announcement.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new SDL XPP 9.2.1 Service Pack which includes 50+ Fixed Issues across many XPP features. If interested, I strongly recommend your first reviewing the delivered Fixed Issues Report prior to installation of the ordered upgrade. We note that there is no information provided in the Service Pack release Notes for this particular Service Pack. You must be at the core XPP 9.2.0 release before installing this new Service Pack.

If you are a premium maintenance contract customer, or a standard maintenance contract customer who has already purchased the XPP 9.0 release, you are allowed free access to this 9.2.1 SP upgrade.
All non-maintenance or standard maintenance customers currently running XPP 8.X or earlier, who are interested in upgrading to XPP 9.2.X, please contact your SDL Sales Manager to inquire about this purchasable upgrade.
To initiate the ordering and delivery of this new software release, even if purchasable, we ask that you please open a support ticket through the SDL Customer Support Web Portal, https://gateway.sdl.com/. Log into the Gateway using your assigned account login/password, then click on the “Log a Case” button to get to the case submission form and make the request.
When ordered, we will provide electronic delivery of the software. Once your upgrade order has been processed you will be given access to an FTP location (different from the customer portal location) where you will find the product and documentation ISO files which you may burn to a CD yourself, or extract on your XPP server to install from.

Current SDL XPP Release Status

Active - SDL XPP 9.2

Mature - SDL XPP 9.1
Retired - SDL XPP 9.0 and older

Please note above that only the Active and Matured releases of XPP are provided Engineering Patch Support.  We still offer Technical Support for a retired release, but we will no longer provide Engineering Patch support. We recommend that any customer still running older retired releases of XPP to please consider upgrading soon.
Lastly, we also want to mention that SDL does offer a number of different installation / upgrade, implementation, and training services associated with this and any new SDL XPP release. We believe that you would find these services to be of great benefit with your release upgrade plans. For more detailed information please contact your SDL Sales Rep or the SDL Professional Services department.
As always, should you have any questions concerning this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact SDL Customer Support.
Best regards,

SDL Customer Support