XPP 9.5

Key themes for this version release are: IT-Friendly and Increased Productivity.

The Release Notes contain information on all of the new features and feature enhancements available in this version release.
Here are some highlights:

  • Introducing: EDGAR HTML output directly from XPP for US SEC financial report filing!
  • Introducing: HTML Output directly from XPP!
  • XPP Compare updates including significant CALS table enhancements and the ability to perform character by character comparisons.
  • Divxml enhancements for the styling and placement of edit traces, underlines, and tabular ruling
  • Tabular composition enhancements enabling more sophisticated post-processing
  • Direct to PDF enhancements for compression and version compatibility setting
  • Users can now input Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in Form Filler fields

 XPP 9.6

Key themes for XPP 9.6 are Security and IT-Friendly.

We are in the process of upgrading specific platform and third party OEM components to the latest release and in addition, we’re providing risk mitigation for security issues that get raised during our on-going security testing. XPP 9.6 is targeted for August 2021.

What does Controlled Release mean?

For XPP 9.5, Controlled Release means that we will engage with any customer who wants to upgrade to this release to confirm they understand the importance of upgrading to XPP 9.6 when that becomes available. When we release XPP 9.6 in August, it will become the Current (Active) version release and XPP 9.5 will move into Retired status. This means we will no longer provide Hot Fixes for XPP 9.5 so it will be imperative that any customers with XPP 9.5 upgrade to XPP 9.6 for on-going support and maintenance.

Why release XPP 9.5 if it is going to be retired so quickly?

Customers want to use the new features that are available in XPP 9.5 now.  We expect these customers will install XPP 9.5 in their Dev and Test configurations to work with the new features, then upgrade those systems to XPP 9.6 as soon as that version is available. Note that XPP 9.5 is production ready and there is no difference in the quality of this Controlled Release from any other XPP version we release for General Availability.

To initiate the ordering and delivery of this version release, please open a support ticket through the SDL Customer Support Web Portal.

As with any new release we ask that you review the Platform Requirements, Release Notes and Fixed Issues Report prior to installing the release. These documents, along with the complete SDL XPP Documentation set is available here: https://docs.sdl.com

Effective with this XPP 9.5 version, the current release status is:

  • Full Support (previously called Active and Mature): SDL XPP 9.5, SDL XPP 9.4
  • Retired: SDL XPP 9.3 and previous

Effective with the XPP 9.6 version, the release status will be:

  • Full Support (previously called Active and Mature): SDL XPP 9.6, SDL XPP 9.4
  • Retired: SDL XPP 9.5; SDL XPP 9.3 and previous

Customers running on retired releases should consider upgrading soon as although we may still be able to provide technical support, we are not able to provide Hot Fixes for a retired version release.

Should you have any questions concerning this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact SDL Customer Support.

Jennifer Goodman
Product Management Director