Using LDAP with Contenta

We are trying to migrate from running Contenta 5.2 on Solaris to Linux.

Having problems getting Contenta (the ldaptest script) to run on Linux.

In the logs it appears to fail at ldap_search_s. On Solaris the line has a return of 0 ( ldap_search_s(0) ) and keep going, on Linux it has ldap_search_s(1) and stops.

It seems to make the connection and verifies the ldap_principal_dn setting.

We get a -12 Failed to find user error.

Tested running ldapsearch from the command line and LDAP does seem to be running correctly on Linux.

I used the same xyldap.cfg and XyConfig.bin file that we had on Solaris.

The ldapsearch file does seem to be different on Linux.

Just in case there was a bug in the ldaptest program I did try to set everything else and run Contenta like I did in Solaris and that did not work.

Does anyone have any experience with LDAP on Linux?

Is there a new ldaptest file with Contenta versions after 5.2?

Do I need to change/add any setting in the .cfg file?

Is there a bug in 5.2 and LDAP on Linux?


Thanks in Advance for any help.