Is there anyway to improve the performance of xychange process?

Actually I have a huge document (Approx 500 pages document) and it is taking approx. 2 minutes to load the whole cycle of transformation tables. Is there anyway to reduce the timing for the whole load cycle of transformation tables. Please note, the input I am using is XML.

  • Without seeing the data and the xychange tables, its difficult to provide any advice.  However, usually the biggest performance hits in xychange are when there is a * wildcard at the beginning of a rule. Another hit can be when using reinput.  

    For this group to provide help, you need to show examples of what you're trying to do with xychange - and better yet, explain why you're using xychange with XML. If its just character replacement then xychange should be faster than XSLT or similar. But if you're moving attributes and/or elements around then XSLT would probably be faster/easier/better. 

    PS For those that knew Larry Liebson's mantra: I didn't say it was cheaper - so "Liebson's Law of 'pick 2'" still holds true.

  • For XyChange to be taking 2 minutes on a 500 page file (not that huge, we do 3,500 page files regularly) there are I suspect a lot of wildcards. Making sure the wildcard searches are limited to a sensible number of characters to sear ahead (*[A-Z;1,12] rather than *[A-Z]) may help but I suspect it may also be worth looking at XSLT or Perl as an alternative. 

  • Thanks Mark and Chris for the quick response.