Product Lifecycle Update: August 2019

In 2018, the SDL Machine Translation team announced that our latest machine learning innovations and development strategies with Neural MT (NMT) have resulted in a breakthrough that was a clear and substantial leap forward.  SDL Neural MT provides significant translation quality improvements over the Statistical MT (SMT) version. For example, with SDL NMT, we observe a 30% improvement in English-German, a language pair historically challenging for SMT. This improvement is similar to what we observed across other challenging language pairs as well.

SDL BeGlobal 4 was built to enable our customers to take advantage of these NMT R&D innovations. SDL BeGlobal 4 introduces significant backend architectural changes, core machine learning technology transformations, and a modern user interface.  You can learn more about some of these changes in What's New in SDL BeGlobal 4.0 and leverage the SDL BeGlobal Community to stay current on the product updates we have made and are continuing to make to the product. 

SDL will continue to innovate and deliver new features on the latest version of SDL BeGlobal 4. We will be discontinuing SDL BeGlobal 3[1], and the latest version will be available to all customers with applicable subscriptions.

We encourage you to update to the new version of SDL BeGlobal as soon as possible.  Should you need any help or would like to see a demo, please reach out to your SDL representative or contact us at SDL Support

The following tool is available to create a migration to-do list/cheat sheet based on your usage of SDL BeGlobal:  Download Tips on migrating to SDL BeGlobal 4 from BeGlobal 3.

The legacy SDL BeGlobal 3 will reach an end-of-life by the end of 2019.  As of January 1, 2020, access to SDL BeGlobal version 3 will be no longer available. The table below outlines the major differences between these two versions: 

SDL BeGlobal 3 (discontinued as of 1/1/2020)

SDL BeGlobal 4 (latest version)

v1, v2 and v3 REST API at

IMPORTANT:  if you are using SDL BeGlobal legacy through any integrations or connectors, please update them to use the v4 REST API as soon as possible to ensure service continuity.

v4 REST API at

User interface at

User interface at

SDL BeGlobal Trainer 

N/A (this feature is deprecated)

Alternative offerings include:

·       SDL's Customized MT as a service 

·       SDL ETS Adaptive Language Pairs (includes new on-premise trainer) 

Various out-of-the-box plugins provided by SDL. 

Updated plugins are available.

For example, SDL BeGlobal to Studio plugin version "SDL BeGlobal Enterprise" can be updated to "SDL BeGlobal (NMT) Translation Provider"

[1] The discontinuation of a SaaS product version is within SDL contractual rights and the product is continued on a new version.