Variation in Term list behavior on the My Document TouchPoint in SDL BeGlobal V3


In SDL BeGlobal, the Term list appears to not be effective on the My Document TouchPoint. Translation with the My Document TouchPoint does not use the terminologies specified in the Term list that is selected in the TouchPoint settings.
Root Cause:
The My Document TouchPoint is user specific, but depending on the translation user interface, the root admin's My Document TouchPoint is used instead of the user's My Document TouchPoint.

The following BeGlobal translation UI uses the root admin's My Document TouchPoint:

BeGlobal Translator portal

The following BeGlobal translation UI use the logged in user's My Document TouchPoint:

BeGlobal Desktop Widget
BeGlobal Online “Translate Text/a document”
BeGlobal Microsoft Office Plug-In



For better clarity on the TouchPoint being used, duplicate the My Document TouchPoint and rename the copy to a unique name. Enable the desired Term list on this new TouchPoint and select this TouchPoint when translating in the UI.