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Language Cloud Machine Translation no longer available.

Hi all,

I'm going round in circles here. In the past I've been able to access SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation when working in a project in Trados Studio. It was already enabled and all I had to do was select it from the dropdown menu in the relevant location. Now, if I do the same, and hover my cursor over the name, it says it's not installed. I haven't changed anything.

So firstly, I'm trying to work out how to regain access to this, or a new/alternative resource.

I've somehow found my way into my TM account and it looks like I've not used any of my allowance? Also, where do I go if I want to look at alternative machine translation memories/resources. I'd have thought that there would be clear pointers to such resources once I'm logged into my account on the SDL site. I work from French into English, so it's a common language pair. I'd be interested to know what free and paying options there are.

Please help! Hugely frustrated at the time I've wasted on this. It really doesn't feel like a user-friendly service.