Greek capital letters appear with punctuation - This is wrong, how can I fix it?

When using MT for translation into Greek, the capital letters get punctuation, which is wrong. In Greek, only the first letter of each sentence is punctuated when writing in capitals. For the moment I have to correct them by hand which is frustrating and i

  • Hi Giorgos,

    Is this still happening?  If you, can you provide me with some examples so that we can try to reproduce what you're seeing?  Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for responding. It is indeed, still happening. The issue is this: Every time the NMT system suggests a translation when translating INTO Greek, and the source text is in capital letters, the resulting text includes diacritics. For instance, the phrase "ONE BIG APPLE", is going to come up as "ΈΝΑ ΜΕΓΆΛΟ ΜΉΛΟ", whereas the correct translation would be "ΕΝΑ ΜΕΓΑΛΟ ΜΗΛΟ". This minuscule diacritics that you might notice (4th letter of second word, 2nd letter of third word) cause a massive time waste, as they are wrong (they should be there only when writing in lowercase) and I have to go in and change them manually. MS Word doesn't have this problem. Also, when I turn text from lowercase to uppercase through Shift+F3, the diacritics go away. Its only the MT-provided text that has this problem. Can you please advise?

  • Thank you Giorgos, we'll look into this and will come back to you.