I Would be very happy when SDL proveds the language pair German to Dutch.

Dear Ms, Mr,

I would be very happy when Trados Studio would introduce the language pair German to Dutch. 

At this moment the Language pair German to Dutch is not available in SDL Cloud Trsanslation. 90% of my documents origin from Germany, Austria and Zwitserland (all German spoken countries). As it is my task is to produce documents in Dutch it would be very very welcom to introduce the language pair German to Dutch. 

Could you help me with this Slight smile.

Luuk Dijkhuis

Tel +31-615020072



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  • Hallo, We can see that the language pair DE-NL is listed on the SDL's page as a supported combination. However, we cannot connect to the SDL Cloud MT with the language pair DE-NL. We get the messsage that the language combination is not available although it is according to the SDL Website.
    Can you help?

    Thanks and regards