How to generate a correct CSV file for SDL BeGlobal V3 Term List import


You are importing a CSV file into SDL BeGlobal. There may be various issues if the file is not correct:

  • Nothing happened after import;
  • No entries are added to the term list;
  • Corrupt characters appeared in imported entries;
  • Error message of invalid format.


Root Cause:

The BeGlobal Term List Import feature requires a very specific CSV format for the import to be successful. Only CSV files are supported, and the file must be in UTF-8 encoding. Each line should contain only one term entry with the following structure: sourceTerm, targetTerm, comment. Even though the comment& field is optional, the comma behind targetTerm is needed to signify an empty field. Often, simply saving a Microsoft Excel file as a CSV file is not sufficient to comply with the requirements described.

There are various ways to create a CSV file from an Excel format. The steps below outline how to generate a proper CSV file from an Excel spreadsheet of terms that contain special language characters (for example Bulgarian, Hebrew, Japanese):

  1. Open the file in Excel. If there are any column headings in the list, remove them.
  2. Go to File > Save As.
  3. Under the option for Save as type:, choose from the drop down menu Unicode Text (*.txt), name the file, then click Save.
  4. Open the saved TXT file in Notepad++.
  5. Go to Encoding > Convert to UTF-8 to ensure the file is properly encoded.
  6. Search and replace all tab occurrences with commas by going to Search > Replace....
  7. In the Replace menu:
    1. In Find what: field, type in \t
    2. In Replace with: field, type in ,
    3. Check box for Wrap around (leaving Match whole word only and Match case unchecked)
    4. Choose Search Mode option Extended
    5. Click Replace All
  8. Save the file, making sure the *.csv extension is there.
  9. Import the newly created list into BeGlobal platform (for instructions refer to the article How to import an external term list into SDL BeGlobal).
  10. Once the Term List has been uploaded, please allow for a few minutes until it is pushed to all production engines.


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