How to export a Term List from SDL BeGlobal V3


You want to export a Term List from SDL BeGlobal.
Root Cause:
There may be different reasons to export the Term List from BeGlobal for various reasons, such as for linguistic review by those who do not have access to BeGlobal, for conversion of the term list into the reverse language direction, and so on. This could be accomplished using BeGlobal's Term & Brand Management Export feature.

Permission and restriction to add/edit/modify Term Lists on an account are specific to the User Role that a user has been assigned. Only Administrator, Language Expert, and Translation Administrators have access to the Export feature of BeGlobal Term List.

Follow the steps below to export a term list from BeGlobal:

  1. Once logged into, click on Terms And Brands in the top menu bar.
  2. Select the term list to be exported from the left pane of the Term And Brand Management window.
  3. Click on Export on the right pane when the term list has loaded.
  4. A file browser window will appear. Select the directory to save the list. The list will be saved as a CSV file (no other file formats are available).