Information about Automatic Step "ZIP Assets"


Can you please provide more information about the Automatic Step ZIP Assets? I cannot find any information in the WorldServer Documentation Center.
The step should work as follows: all the target files in a project should be written into a ZIP file with the zip file name of the respective project name (or a defined project attribute)
Here is a screenshot of the ZIP Assets Automatic Action:
The parameter field for the Zip Assets step are

Assets to Zip - You may select either Target, Source, or Target and source both to compress them to ZIP.

Relative AIS path - The path arguments must be the relative AIS path. The AIS path is a location in a WorldServer Asset Interface System. The AIS path contains the complete hierarchy of folders from the mount name to the asset. You may view this path in WorldServer Explorer where the projects are created.

Zip file AIS path - Use the same path in the Zip asset parameters.

Zip file name - Enter the desired name in the ZIP file name field and save the step