ETS - Can the license file location be changed ?


I wanted to modify the path to the ETS server license, as it is possible in the configuration file language-detection-server-conf.xml. But after changes and server restart, I can see in the processes running (ps aux) that the ets-licenser doesn't use the path I specified, but the default one. Is there another configuration file that I need to modify ? Is there any administration documentation that describe the different configuration files usage ?
For language-detection-server-conf.xml and tserver-conf.*.xml fles, you can edit the license parameter to any filepath where the license file exists.  It can also be any filename and does not need to be named sdl-ets.lic. However, this only affects the language detection server and the tservers (xmtserver). The host-agent is hard-coded to use the license file located in the default ETS installed directory, and the file name must be sdl-ets.lic. The host-agent is what lets the UI know what LPs are licensed or not.
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