MT Technology Development Questions related to Rapid Adaptation

Dear friends,


As some of you know, I have been practising and exploring machine translation for some years now, and I'd like to share with you some thoughts on the future development of MT in the hope that you might add your reactions and suggestions.


(Most of you I have already corresponded with on MT matters; I have also - optimistically - added MT providers Memsource, DeepL and Lilt.)


It is my view that the current Neural MT, surprisingly good as it is, would benefit immensely from the addition of the following features:


- Instant adaptation when a new translation is added (already exists for some language pairs at SDL and of course Lilt; maybe also elsewhere)


- Combination with data from translation memories as provided by the translator


- The same with termbase data


My questions to you, then, are:


- Do you agree in principle?


- Are you aware of any attempts in these directions (apart of course from already existing instant adaptation)?


- Do you think that this might be realistically achieved within a few years?


- Have you any idea of whether these ideas (at least the first one) are considered by the Big Two providers, i.e. Google and Microsoft? (I have the feeling that their target groups are not quite the same as those of SDL, DeepL, Systran, etc., and that therefore they would be less interested in the use of translation memories and termbases, at least. Of course it would be very good to get their reactions as well, but I also have the feeling that it is almost impossible to get them to reply.)


My main reason for this investigation is to find out what the future might look like for freelance translators in particular and the translation business in general. If in let's say five years we will have substantially improved MT results this would of courses affect us (not counting translators of fiction) very much. And if this improvement to a significant extent would build on translation memories and termbases that are maintained by translators, that would also be an important part of the overall picture.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Kind regards,


Mats Linder (Author of award winning manuals on using TRADOS)