SDL Language Cloud NMT not present


I have been using SDL Language Cloud NMT (Generic, English to Polish mostly) with SDL Trados Studio Freelance 2019 for several months. Now the NMT seems to be not present anymore - I cannot add it for a new project.

The issue is not related to words quota, I have not used SDL NMT for the last month.

Should I change my setup somehow?

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  • It seems to have changed in the meantime and you can now also choose Generic-NMT under SDL Language Cloud (option 3). If I select that I also get NMT. Before I could only select the adaptive MT but that was introduced before the neural version. Not sure if Generic-NMT is the same as SDL Machine Translation Cloud provider (option 10 in my list but not in yours). Sorry I can't help you. Try updating to the latest build if you haven't done that yet. Do you have SR2?

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