We have recently released some updates to RWS Language Cloud in the areas of pricing and QA. This article outlines the changes in more detail.

Custom Cost Bands

Previously, when creating or editing a pricing model, only the default fuzzy match bands were available. You can now set up your own fuzzy match cost bands to match exactly the vendor rates to be applied when calculating the quote. Clicking the edit button at the top of the pricing table will display the current bands and allow you to move the sliders to change or merge the bands. It is also possible to add new bands using the control in the top left. The animation below gives you an idea of how easy it is to configure the bands.

Once the bands have been configured in the pricing model, they will also be reflected in any new projects that are created with the model.

Quality Assurance : Ignore Verification Messages

RWS Language Cloud already had support for automated QA checks, but previously these were fed through to the reviewer as informational messages in the editor. The reviewer now has the option to remove false-positive results from the file by ignoring messages one-by-one or ignoring all the messages:

In a future version of RWS Language Cloud, it will be possible to prevent the file from advancing in the workflow until all verification issues have been addressed.

Quality Assurance : Report

In addition to the ability to ignore verification messages, there is also now a report available in the project which details the results of the automated verification checks. The report is called "QA Report" and is available from the Reports tab in the project details view. You can filter by message type and also see the statistics for individual files. There's lots to explore in there so please give it a try and let us know what you think.

We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product.

David Pooley
Senior Product Manager