We have just released the latest update to RWS Language Cloud’s translation management capabilities and we are excited to announce that it delivers some great innovation and functionality. 

To benefit from the new features and updates, just login to RWS Language Cloud and they will be available immediately. 

Workflow Editor enhancements 
Following the recent release of the Workflow Editor, we have released the following improvements: 

Vendor enabled tasks 
Compatible Human tasks can now be enabled for Vendor assignment also in Custom Workflow Templates. This new option also gives flexibility to Workflow designers to prevent assignment of certain tasks to Vendors. 

Ability to copy default Workflow Templates 
You can now copy Default Workflow Templates to use as a basis for building Custom Workflow tasks. This makes it quicker for Workflow designers to build new Custom tasks. 

upLIFT Fragment Recall in Online Editor lookup results 
Leveraging our next-gen translation memory upLIFT technology, Online Editor can now display fragment match results resulting from subsegment searching. You will find any fragment recall results in the Lookup pane. This capability can help users leverage fragments for translation where there is no full fuzzy match, which results in increased productivity and consistency.  


Third party Grammar- and Spellcheck 
The Online Editor has been updated to support certain third-party spelling and grammar checking add-ons such as the popular Language Tool (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/grammar-and-spell-checker/oldceeleldhonbafppcapldpdifcinji?hl=en 

This enables users to have third-party spell and grammar checking, as well as synonym suggestions while working in the Online Editor. 

Note: This tool is not officially supported, it is just one example that we tested among the tools that can work in text fields in browsers in this way. There may be other tools with similar functionality. 

Postman collection for Public API 
We have now published a Postman collection for the LC Public API which makes it much easier for integrators to get started and test calls. 
More detail here: https://languagecloud.sdl.com/lc/api-docs/postmancollection 

Additional changes 
Applied rebranded colours to Online Editor 
Double-clicking a term result in the Online Editor sidebar now adds it to the target segment 
Improved auto-propagation behaviour in Online Editor, more detail: https://docs.sdl.com/791595/890679/rws-language-cloud-translation-management/auto-propagation-in-------------online-editor 
The Online Editor can now be opened from “Target File Generation” Error tasks to enable fixing of issues related to content in the file 
80+ bug-fixes on the Online Editor 
Language costs in a Quote can now be propagated to all languages, for increased efficiency 
Federated SSO users that have not yet accepted an invite, can now be assigned to workflows 
Various bug fixes and UX enhancements 

We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product. 

Luis Lopes
Senior Product Manager - RWS Language Cloud