This is the fourth in the series of updates detailing specific functionality recently released. Today’s update is focused on how we've been working on the user experience specifically for project managers in SDL Language Cloud. In this post, we will cover Task HistoryUpload Reference Files and Reschedule Task.

Task History

Task History is a new UI feature that allows project managers to see all the workflow steps that have been performed on a file. This provides a convenient way for project managers to audit what has happened to a file, which users have worked on it and which workflow tasks have been skipped. Here's an example of the Task History for a project:

The Task History can easily be sorted by date and also offers comprehensive filtering capabilities using the slide-out panel on the left of the screen that allows users to find exactly the information that they want:

Upload Reference Files

Even when a project is already in progress, it is now possible to add reference files to the project if, for example, extra information becomes available after the project has started. On the Files tab for the project, there is a button the allows the project manager to upload these files:

In the image above, you can see that some extra instructions have been uploaded to the project.

Reschedule Task

Sometimes, it's necessary to change the dates for a project; this could be to extend the delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances or even to set an earlier date. In either case, the project manager can now reschedule a task from the Stages tab of the project. Selecting a task presents a new button that can be used to change the due date:

We hope you found this post informative so look out for regular additional posts on SDL Language Cloud – Translation Management going forward.

David Pooley

Senior Product Manager, SDL Language Cloud