We have just released a new version of SDL Language Cloud Customer Portal with the following features:

Custom Logo

The logo displayed in the Customer Portal can now be customized by setting the appropriate option from within SDL Language Cloud. When editing a customer, click on the Settings page and upload a logo of your choice:

The recommended resolution is 200 x 44 pixels. You can see a preview of how the logo will be displayed in the Customer Portal once you upload the image. Once the custom logo has been set, it will be displayed in the Customer Portal when a user sets the filter to the customer in question.

New Customer Role

A new role called Customer Requester Restricted has been created and is immediately available on all SDL Language Cloud accounts. This new role is based on the existing Customer Requester role but it does not grant the permission to view other user's projects.

Mid-Project Updates

Customer Portal now supports mid-project updates. This means that new files for translation can be added to a project that is already in progress.


In addition to the features listed above, there are many other minor fixes and enhancements of which the following is a small selection:

  • For accounts with large numbers of customers, all locations are now shown in the location selection box
  • Terminology database selection now respects the current location filter
  • The performance of the inbox has been enhanced resulting in faster loading times

We hope you enjoy these new features.

David Pooley
Senior Product Manager