Happy New Year everyone, we have just released the first update of 2021 to SDL Language Cloud’s translation management capabilities and we are excited to announce that it delivers some great innovation and functionality.

To benefit from the new features and updates, just login to SDL Language Cloud and they will be available immediately.

Pricing model and Quoting enhancements

We have now significantly enhanced the functionality of pricing models and quoting with the following new functionality

Discounts: Negative values can now be specified in pricing models and during quote review. This is possible for all cost types and both for language and additional costs.
This functionality can be used to provide discounts for certain quotes as an example.


Re-order costs: In addition, we have now made it possible to re-order additional costs, which allows for great flexibility when applying percentages to only certain costs or all costs in a project.


Apply due dates and assignees to all languages in a task

Following user feedback, we have now introduced the ability to apply a due date and assignment to all languages in a task.

This greatly helps with efficiency especially when working with many languages, where the due date or assignee list is identical. This is now one click vs. multiple.

Notification area enhancements

We have now improved the notification area which now keeps any notification message available, even if you step away from the screen and might miss a notification.

You can have different types of messages:

  • Success
  • Warning
  • Error

Error messages include detailed messages which can help with troubleshooting or submitting to our support teams.

Note: The notifications are currently only stored for the current session, so if you logout you will not see messages from your previous session.

Public API enhancements

Introducing Webhooks: Webhooks enabled integrators to be notified of changes rather than having to poll the system continuously. We have now added Webhooks to our Public API. The initial webhooks are:


More details can be found here: https://languagecloud.sdl.com/lc/api-docs/webhooks

We will be adding additional webhooks and endpoints as part of our API roadmap.

Linguistic Fuzzy search for Terminology

Term recognition in the Online Editor now uses linguistic fuzzy search greatly increasing stemming results for inflected languages. 

This functionality improves detection of terminology matches in the content.

Translation Memory import performance improvements

Translation Memory import functionality has now been significantly enhanced and provides upto 3x improved import speed in many scenarios.

Additional changes

Project Audit trails can now be downloaded in Excel and CSV formats
When inviting users, you can now specify if the invitation link should point the user to the main Language Cloud application or the Customer Portal
Introduced read-only permissions for termbases
Added support for Javanese, Burmese, Khmer and Uzbek
You can now specify non-translatables in the JSON parser rules
Resolved an issue when selecting paragraph based segmentation rules
Added validation to project names, preventing use of 
\ / : * ? " < > | " to avoid downstream folder issues in SDL Trados Studio and other applications
Resolved a scenario where a workflow task could be saved without assignees
Enhanced UX around assignment dropdown filter, preference is now remembered when filtering for matching service type
You can now Shift-multiselect in the Stages view
Resolved an issue around the hard filtering for translation approved translation units not working
Resolved an issue around User-IDs not resolving when interacting with TMs
Various bug fixes and UX enhancements


We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product.

Luis Lopes

Senior Product Manager - SDL Language Cloud