We have just released the latest update to SDL Language Cloud’s translation management capabilities and we are excited to announce that it delivers some great innovation and functionality. 

To benefit from the new features and updates, just login to SDL Language Cloud and they will be available immediately. 

Real-Time Microsoft PowerPoint Preview 

SDL Language Cloud now offers real-time Microsoft PowerPoint Preview (for PPTX and PPT source formats) when working on documents in the Online Editor. We have been able to achieve fidelity extremely close to the final result, while at the same time offering real-time navigation in both directions, if you edit a segment, the preview will update in real time, while if you select a sentence on the preview, it will jump to the respective segment in the Editor. 

You can have the Preview show Side-by-Side as in the screenshot or below the Editor, by going to View->Preview and selecting the desired Preview option. 

Find also a short demo video to see it in action!

We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product.

Luis Lopes
Senior Product Manager