Pre-translate in Studio 2017 using SDL Language Cloud


I recently bought SDL Trados Studio 2017 and tried to pre-translate a project using SDL Language Cloud but the target segments remained empty. My settings were All Language Pairs - Translation Memory and Automated Translation - SDL Cloud Machine Translation and Batch Processing - Pre-translate Files - Apply Automated Translation at the All Languages and English (Canada) - French (Canada) levels. One thing I noticed is that when I click on SDL Cloud Machine Translation and access the Machine Translation and AdaptiveMT Technology screen there is nothing under the Source Language - Target Language - Engine line. When I click on Manage Adaptive Engines button, I get EN-FR English (United States) - FR-FR French (France) under the Engine - Source Language - Target Language line. I'm a newbie and I'm not sure why the pre-translate function didn't do anything when I tried to use it. Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you.