Migration from KC2016+WS11.2 to TD14+WS11.4

We are migrating our SDL software from KC2016+WS11.2 to TD14+WS11.4. With this migration, we are introducing new 'Translation In Review' status to improve translation workflow. However, I realized there might be following restrictions regarding the migration. I cannot find such an information in neither the manuals and lease notes. Therefore, I'd like to confirm whether these are correct information or not.

1) Workflow change
If there were ongoing translation projects, the changes should not be applied to those used workflows and project types. Instead, you should create new workflows and project types by incorporating new "In Review" process.

2) Required actions
When using REST API, ‘Translated Content Retrieval’ and ‘Translated Content In Review’ human actions must be incorporated to the workflow. If workflows do not include those human actions, project types that use those workflows do not synchronize to TD14.



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