Question about conflicting statuses in roles

I was wondering if anyone on this forum happened to know what scenario will occur if you were to add roles with conflicting Initial Statuses. For example, if you had an Author role with an Initial Status set to "New Version" and you had a TranslatorService role with an Initial Status set to "To Be Translated", and then gave both of these roles to a single user, and that user created a topic, would the topic be created with a "New Version" status or a "To Be Translated" status? Or would the topic have a blank status due to the conflicting statuses? If a status did appear, how would the software determine which status held priority?

  • Hi Craig,

    With a setup in which for a certain object you would have more than one possible initial state value, the author will get the option (dropdown list) to select either one of the initial states to be assigned on the new topic. So the dialog will have both options available in the dropdown of the status field.
    So the author will need to make the decision about which status to use within the dialog and the dialog might be configured to automatically have a value set to the Status field (which can be updated by the Author).

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