Getting started with DXA Development (.Net and Java) - It's really quite simple!

Setting up and starting to develop with DXA

Here are the first in a series of Quick Start Guides to introduce you to the power of DXA.  These guides will introduce you to DXA and practically get you to setup a development environment as well as creating your first Model and View.

There are two guides, one for Java and one for .Net.





The Quick Start Guides will show you how to connect to a read only instance of Web 8 that has been specifically setup for your use.

If you have any questions then please feel free to post here...

  • Notification:  The SDL Web 8 Server used for the Quick Start Program will be offline for a few hours on Friday 03 Feb 2017.  This will allow me to upgrade the server to SDL Web 8.5.  Contact me if you require more information.