One of my favorite parts of the (newish) job since moving from Professional Services to Product Development in 2015 was being able to share actual product plans. You might have noticed a slight shift as we shared a bit more on SDL Web 8 and its follow-up releases, starting my first product overview post and the series, which included a few other bloggers. I've often said blogging is about giving yourself permission to share, but in that early example, I needed a little nudge from the boss ( at the time).

Even more exciting has been seeing this kind of transparency become a regular part of development across Tridion development teams. Though I do encourage blogging among my colleagues and might be tempted to take the credit here, this is definitely an approach that's encouraged and supported by Product Management and User Experience leadership.

If you haven't followed the series, definitely check out the SDL Tridion Sites 9 (and beyond) Webinar series videos as well as the invitation to give us feedback on the User Experience beyond Tridion Sites 9 part 1 and part 2. Feedback welcome!

There's also time to register for the last planned online event for SDL Tridion Sites 9 and beyond on May 23, 2018 (see site for local time), where my colleague and fellow community MVP, , presents on prescriptive and adaptive personalization.

Register for the event to learn about personalization in the industry today and how Tridion addresses it now as well as the replacement of the personalization engine (Fredhopper) that powers Experience Optimization. Raimond will conclude with the future vision of machine learning-powered adaptive personalization beyond SDL Tridion 9.

And if you enjoy this kind of interactive content, check out the new Events group that  and  helped up set up. Personally, I'm quite proud of the fact that we're creating enough content and hosting enough events that it warrants a new page to track and promote the updates. Note that that page automatically posts event information from the Tridion Sites group, so if you enjoy following product and community events, definitely check it out!