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Take Youtube as an example:

Youtube's total pageview is over 4 billion per day in 2012, and Youtube showing a video content with 410 total views. the Content Personalization score is 99.99%

How Content Personalization Score and Content Reuse Score are calculated in a localized country website?


Content Reuse Score is calculated based on current component views vs all country site component views. take Left Navigation as an example, the content component is been reused in US site, France site, and Italy site to keep brand design consistency. assuming 1 pageview of each site, the left navigation content reuse score is 66% of total 3 component views.

The personalization score is calculated based on content component view vs page view across all country websites. take office map component as an example, each country site showing a local office map. assuming 1 pageview of each site, the office map content personalization score is 66% of total 3 pageview.

Component Analytics overlays CR score, TR Score and CR Score on each component of the page, enable quick understanding of content reuse, content personalization and content page consistency in each dimension.