Exciting news! SDL has been named a finalist in the DigiDay Awards (Best Content Management System category). Our entry is based on SDL Tridion Sites, and the recent Omron project where we (alongside partner Dept) relaunched their corporate website, offering customers across US, Canada Brazil, and Mexico a highly personalized experience in their own language.

Being a finalist is a great achievement in itself - huge congrats to everyone involved!

Here's a link to the official announcement: https://digiday.com/awards/Roku-nielsen-twitch-and-more-are-nominees-in-the-digiday-technology-awards/

If you'd like to know more about the Omron project, read the press release here: https://www.sdl.com/about/news-media/press/2019/omron-teams-up-with-sdl-and-dept-to-launch-new-website.html

Winners will be announced next Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Thanks, Denis