You can find SDL Tridion Sites hotfixes on the hotfixes page. This can also be found in the subnavigation for the Tridion Sites Developers Group.

As a general practice, it's a good idea to work with Support on any specific issues and to be sure to remain up-to-date on the latest version of your software, which often include any and all fixes that apply for that version.

For example, if using SDL Web 8, you can get all general fixes for that version and remain current with Support by using SDL Web 8.1.1.

Note that some hotfixes apply to specific issues and it's important to review the details of any fix before applying it to a given environment. 

Find the product support policies for SDL Tridion Sites and other products on the SDL Support page.

  • I'd also add two points

    - remember that hotfixes are aimed at specific problems and its possible that one holfix may update an piece of code that isn't included in another update. As such - I'd second the comment on keeping communication with Support - see the next point {and only installing necessary hotfixes}

    - keep a log of hotfixes you install. This is useful for 2 reasons.

       - 1: ensure your environments are aligned, I've worked with clients where different envrionments had different hotfixes applied and it's not a simple task to bring them all in line later

       - 2: if you do have issues with functionality and seek assistance from Support - they will work much better if they are aware of your hotfix status. Nothing is more wasteful than engaing the necessary people to allow you to *re*-install hotfixes 'just to be sure' (or waste time checking DLL/JAR versions or contents of JS files etc.)