Did you check out the new SDL AppStore already?

The SDL AppStore is the language and content industry’s first app store, allowing users of SDL software - such as SDL Web and DXA - to download apps which customize and extend functionality. Downloading an app is easy. Just click on the download button, sign into your SDL Account and follow the installer instructions, it's as simple as that.

Experienced developers can access our Software Development Kit (SDK) through the Developer Program to build apps for internal use or to add to the SDL AppStore.

We have migrated all eXtensions from SDL Tridion World under the SDL Tridion developer account. If you want to claim your extension back, I request you to register as a developer on the AppStore, and upload your extension under your own account. After doing that, you can contact me (Bart Koopman) with a request to remove the duplicate extension under the SDL Tridion developer account.

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