Does anyone know how to use the GoogleMap Schema?

Hi All,

I am attempting to make a component that uses the schema "Googlemap". There is a title field and a field called "ID for location(s)fed". 


How do I obtain the ID that I need to put in the above field in order for it to correspond to the location I am looking for on my website? Any information or experience than anybody has with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


  • Hi, is this in a Tridion Sites DXA setup? The format will depend on your setup, but often there's a "Custom URL" where you can click on the description field to get a pop-up to select the desired location from a pop-up.

    If that's not there, another good approach is checking with existing Components or whoever created the Schema (IT, partner, or devs). And if that doesn't work, I'd check your published site in case the ID is visible in the page or markup (depending on how familiar you are with HTML).