Technical Webinar - Unified Extensions Offering

Watch the Technical Webinar Recording about SDL Tridion Sites - Unified Extensions Offering.

We see many customers upgrading and one of the profound challenges is to migrate customizations that were done to the system. While extensibility is a valued strength of the product, it takes clear administration and deployment processes to drive successful maintenance and upgrade activities.

In this era of cloud computing, it has never been more easy to provision new machines or instances. That is also why we see an increase in out-of-band upgrades, opposed to in-place upgrades. Instances are provisioned on any cloud platform and a new version of the software is installed. Customers either invested into automating the deployment or documented the deployment steps.

This has led us to focus on the deployment of these sheer amount of customizations seen out there. We thought, what if we let the system do the job for you? The system knows where to put the extensions and what configuration to change.


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