Using Flicker ECL Connector Integration with SDL Tridion Sites 9.0

This post will explain step by step how to install and setup to use Flicker External Content Library (ECL) connector in SDL Tridion Sites 9.0.

  1. Download the Bart ECL Flicker provider source
  2. Extract and Open the Flickr ECL Provider.sln solution file
  3. Copy the Tridion.ExternalContentLibrary.V2.dll from your SDL Tridion Sites installed server location
    [Tridion-Home]\bin\clients\ to your solution and Add a References make it CopyToLocal to false
  4. Build the application
  5. Go to C:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Tridion\External Content Library\AddInPipeline\AddIns\ and create a folder  “FlickrProvider”
  6. Copy the build files to FlickrProvider
  7. Create a Flickr API key?
    • Step 1: Go to Flickr
    • Step 2:  If you have created an account with Flickr, Sign In, else Sign Up
    • Step 3:  Click on API Keys
    • Step 4: Apply and create the app details to get the API Key and note the UserID of your Flicker account
      Eg User account ID: "389927622@N03"
  8. Go to CME Administration -> Multimedia Types and create the ECL Library MIME Type as application/externalcontentlibrary, the extension is eclecl_mimetype
  9. Go to your Master publication and create the folder as “Flicker Stubs” and note down the TCM URI of the folder
  10. Go to SDL Tridion Sites Installation [Tridion-Home]\config\ folder and update the ExternalContentLibrary.xml config to add the mount point for Flickr provider
    <MountPoint type="FlickrProvider" version="*" id="flickr" rootItemName="Flickr">
            <StubFolder id="tcm:2-4-2" />
        <FlickrApiKey xmlns="">fb32195b65809d25da2ec84983833xxxx</FlickrApiKey>
        <FlickrNSID xmlns="">13313714@N04</FlickrNSID>
  11. Restart the SDL Web Content Manager Service Host
  12. Access to verify the Content Publication for Flicker ECL Items



I hope it helps

If you have any questions, please direct your questions here.