Using Postman to explore SDL Web 8 RESTful micro-services

I would like to explain how to test the SDL micro services using OAuth Authentication enabled URLs using Postman to explore SDL RESTful Microservices.

Before that test to make sure SDL Micro services are installed correctly and ensure it’s accessible in your local or where you are going to run this Postman tool to test that system should be able to access those services URL with respective ports.

Postman has built-in OAuth-base authorization. but In our scenario, we can’t use that option so we will go with POST request with Body Header section to pass the credentials to get the token response, which is required to pass to access the SDL Microservices.




Access the Content Service Request:

Copy the value of ‘access_token’. You can then use this token to access the other services using a GET request with an ‘Authorization’ header set to “Bearer “and the token you copied as highlighted in the below Image:

Content Service Response: