Creating a Development VM 2013 - Part 4: Installing the Content Manager

This document details how to install and test an SDL Tridion Content Manager 2013 install on Windows 2012 with a SQL Server database.

Creating a Development VM - Part 4

Tutorial Sections:

Installing the Tridion Content Manager

Before you proceed to this step ensure you have received the Content Manager and Content Delivery license files (license.xml and cd_licenses.xml) from SDL Customer Support. Without valid licenses you will be unable to run the Content Manager software.

Running the Tridion Content Manager installer

Launch the SDL Tridion 2013 installer (under [Tridion_Install]\Content Manager)

Click Next to continue, then choose which features to install.
If you choose options for Audience Manager and Outbound E-mail or Translation Manager, be sure you have installed the corresponding databases using the PowerShell scripts.

You will need to accept the license terms for any 3rd party prerequisites that will be installed and configured by the Installer.

Provide the login information for the Tridion System account (MTSUser)

Enter the database connection details for the Content Manager database.

Enter database connection details for other features you selected for install (e.g. Database Tridion_cm_email and user TMSDBUser for SDL Tridion Audience Manager).

Provide the location of both license files required by the SDL Tridion Content Manager.

Confirm the installation options and click Install to continue. The installation process may take a few minutes, visit Tridion Stack Exchange in the meantime and come back to confirm the install.

After the installation is complete you will need to restart your server.

You have now installed the SDL Tridion Content Manager. See the next chapter for details on how to validate that the Content Manager is working as expected.

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