Creating a Development VM 2013 - Part 5: Validating the Content Manager

This document details how to install and test an SDL Tridion Content Manager 2013 install on Windows 2012 with a SQL Server database.

Creating a Development VM - Part 5

Tutorial Sections:

Validating the Tridion Content Manager

Follow these steps to verify that the Tridion Content Manager is working as expected.

Validate using the Content Manager Explorer

Once the server is rebooted, login with the account used during installation, open Internet Explorer and browse to http://localhost

Enter your account credentials if prompted.
Let the Content Manager Explorer load.

Enter your account's default settings for language and search.

You should now see the Tridion Content Manager Explorer Dashboard. You can use this screen to change your user settings, follow links for more information about Tridion, etc.

Click on the Home tab.

Right-click on "Content Management" and select New -> Publication from the context menu

Enter a name and publication key for this new publication, then press the Save and Close button

You should see an "Item saved" notification that the new publication was saved. You have now confirmed the SDL Tridion 2013 Content Manager database component is working as expected.
Note: In SDL Tridion 2011 publications were saved using the .NET framework and Structure Groups used Legacy components. Since both actions are now ADO.NET you no longer need to create a Structure Group to validate Legacy database components.

You have now finished the installation of SDL Tridion 2013 Content Manager.

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