Installing Tridion 2011 with Oracle 11g R2 - Part 2: Preparing Windows

Prepare your Windows 2008 R2 server

In this step we'll take you through preparing your Windows 2008 R2 server for a clean Tridion installation.

Tutorial Sections

Tridion System Account

On a normal Tridion deployment, the Tridion System Account must be a Domain account. If this is just a local development or test machine, you may want to create this account as a local account instead. In either case, ensure that this account is added to the local "Administrators" group.

Install available Microsoft Updates

Go to Start -> Windows Update, then click on "Find out more"

Check the box to agree to the terms of use and click Next

Select your update settings and click on "Install"

Install all available important updates.
Please note that multiple server restarts may be required on this step.

Agree to the license terms (if required)

Add required Server roles

The Tridion Content Manager installer will add the required features during installation. Due to a Windows/.NET 4 Framework conflict, we must manually add the WCF activation feature before installing Tridion. For more information please refer to this article:

On the "Initial Configuration Tasks" screen, click on "Add Roles" (under "3. Customize This Server")

Click Next

Select the "Application Server" and "Web Server (IIS)" roles.

Click on "Add Required Features" if prompted by Windows

Click Next

Select to add HTTP Activation and TCP Activation under "Windows Process Activation Service Support"

Click on "Add Required Role Services" for these features

Click Next

Accept the defaults and click Next (the Tridion installer will configure any additional features required)

Click "Install" to confirm your selection

Wait for the process to complete.

Click on "Close" to complete this process.

You have now configured the required Windows 2008 R2 Server Roles for a Tridion Content Manager Server.

Next: Oracle Client installation

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