Having extracted all component presentations into package variables with the Extract Components from Regions template building block, we can work with them in Dreamweaver page design.

I doubt Dreamweaver page templates are widely used, so I put here some samples just in case somebody will need them.


Checking if page contains any regions

If page has at least one region, package will contain the PageRegions variable:

<!-- TemplateBeginIf cond="CollectionLength('PageRegions') > 0" -->
  <p>Page contains @@CollectionLength('PageRegions')@@ region(s).
<!-- TemplateEndIf -->


Checking if particular region exist on the page

The "Extract Components from Regions" Template Building Block adds variable named as fully-qualified region name:

<!-- TemplateBeginIf cond="'Hero'" -->
  <p>The 'Hero' region contains @@CollectionLength('Hero')@@ Component Presentation(s).
<!-- TemplateEndIf -->


Iterating over Component presentations in the specific region

Variable with fully-qualified region name contains list of component presentations in this region:

<!-- TemplateBeginRepeat name="Extras\Related" -->
<!-- TemplateEndRepeat -->


Iterating over Component presentations in all regions on the page

Variable PageRegions contains list of fully-qualified names of all regions on the page. Outer loop iterates over this collection. As package contains separate variable named after region's fully-qualified name with all component presentations, add an inner loop that will iterate over CPs in each region (@@Value@@" contains fully-qualified region name):

<!-- TemplateBeginRepeat name="PageRegions" -->
  <!-- TemplateBeginRepeat name="@@Value@@" -->
  <!-- TemplateEndRepeat -->
<!-- TemplateEndRepeat -->