SDL Tridion Sites community review #16

Episode 16!
What was new in the Tridion Sites community in the past two weeks?

Blogs and articles
"Connecting remotely to Core Services using the Tridion Powershell Modules"
Authentication and connection options for the Tridion PowerShell Modules.
Jacques Kors:

"Workflow Script in PowerShell Module"
About the Get-TridionWorkflowItem cmdlet in the development version of the Tridion PowerShell Modules.
Sayantan Basu:

"Starting and stopping AWS instances via Powershell"
A handy PowerShell script to manage a bunch of Amazon EC2 machines. I bet Nuno is running Tridion on those machines.
Nuno Linhares:

"How to include dynamic content in a DD4T Spring MVC app"
A detailed guide to making a controller and view to do a broker query and render dynamic component presentations.
Quirijn Slings:

"Accessing an Embedded Schema field Definition in a C# TBB"
Continuing his series on coding a C# TBB to publish some data as JSON ...
Robert Curlette:

"Tips for using JSON.NET to Update existing JSON Objects"
... and add the JSON to the component DXA JSON data.
Robert Curlette:

There is more
There is a series of three DXA webinars about the upcoming DXA 2.0 release. This release brings together DD4T and DXA.


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