SDL Tridion Sites community review #17

Episode 17!
What was new in the Tridion Sites community last week?

Blogs and articles
"How to Setup SDL Web 8 Deployer and DD4T 2.0 .NET Web app with ActiveMQ Caching Invalidation"
A detailed description on hooking DD4T into the Tridion cache invalidation mechanism.
Velmurugan Arjunan:

"Tridion CoreService Windows Powershell modules in PowerShell Gallery"
A one-liner to install the famous Tridion PowerShell modules.
Velmurugan Arjunan:

"DD4T Custom ViewModel attributes"
Create a custom viewmodel attribute to sprinkle custom data in your viewmodels.
Nirajan Pokharel:

Stats for last week
3 blog articles
17 questions on Tridion.Stackexchange
3 new Tridion.Stackexchange users
3 new SDL Tridion Sites ideas
15 MVPs

There is more
SDL Tridion Technical Summit- India - March 23 & 24, 2018
The 2018 summit for Tridion developers. This year a two day event in Bangalore.

DXA 2.0 is released
There are three webinars coming up about DXA 2.0. See the article for registration.

The 2018 MVP winners have been announced
Congratulations to all!

Webinar: SDL Tridion Sites v9: Regions & XPM Enhancements


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