SDL Tridion Sites community review #18

Episode 18! About the DXA 2.0 release
What was new in the Tridion Sites community last week?

Blogs, articles and video
"SDL Releases the SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 2.0"
Introducing DXA 2.0
Bart Koopman:

"The SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 2.0 Is Here"
What's new in DXA 2.0?
Mark Saunders:

"SDL Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA) 2.0 released"
SDL's DXA 2.0 has been released!
Ron Grisnich:

"Switching to the DXA 2 model service in your DD4T application"
A detailed guide on installing the DXA 2.0 model service on your DD4T web application.
Quirijn Slings:

"Dynamically Generate SDL Tridion Documentation"
A video about the Document Creator A4T plugin.
John Winter:

"CMS Vision 1: How Fast Can You Make a Page?"
An abstract view on how to create a page.
Alvin Reyes:

"CMS Vision 2: Welcome to Content Management"
Alvin Reyes:

"SDL Tridion Bundle Workflow Setup"
How to implement a bundle workflow.
Velmurugan Arjunan:

Stats for last week
8 blog articles
1 video
8 questions on Tridion.Stackexchange
6 new Tridion.Stackexchange users

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