SDL Tridion Sites community review #20

Episode 20!
What was new in the Tridion Sites community in the past two weeks?

Blogs, articles and video
"Technical Webinar - UDP & Content Mashups"
About the new UDP platform, Docs and Sites content mashup, micro services and the Content API.
Ivo van de Langemaat:

"DXA 2.0 technical webinar recordings"
An overview of the DXA 2.0 webinars.
Bart Koopman:

"Web CMS Tasting Notes"
Tony from the Real Story Group is sipping and sampling from various CMS vendors.
Tony Byrne:

"DXA 1.6 and Audience Manager"
Frank dives into an Audience Manager API issue.
Frank Taylor:

"Change the PublishState of an item"
How to set the status of a publishing transaction to warning or error.
Robert Curlette:

"General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)"
GDPR and SDL Tridion Sites
Alvin Reyes and Andrew Fisher:

Tridion Status page used for a load balancer check to see if all Tridion services are running, if not returns a 500 so it can be taken out.
Mark Richardson:

"An Introduction to Headless Content Management Systems"
A whitepaper on the headless CMS approach.

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