Visualize Published Environment in the Tridion GUI

Happy New Year!! This is my first blog of the year and I am planning to share one of the coolest features of Tridion. I have seen most of the editors are very keen to visualize to which target items are published. 2 years back I had created a GUI extension using Alchemy framework for that. If you want to know more about the plugin, then you can refer this blog. Below are the drawback of that plugin -

  • It binds the result in popup window, so comparing the result with Tridion list item is little challenging for user.
  • Sorting or filtering functionality is not there.
  • Customer hesitate to install Alchemy on production environment.

So this time I try to make it in such a way, that it becomes easier for users as well as for customer. To do that I have used DataExtender, which allows to add custom column into the default Tridion List View for all users. In this example I will provide a working solution for that.

Here is a Video Tutorial for the same -