Enable for inline editing checkbox at Business process Type Level

Hello Friends,

Is there any place where “Enable for inline editing” checkbox available at the Business Process Type or in the Topology Manager settings in WEB 8.5?

Related to Legacy publishing, where we enable Inline Editing in the Publication Target(like below). But we are not following this approach, instead we need to use Topology manager.

if anyone have way to please assist me....

Thanks in advanced!!!!!!

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  • Hi Jagannath.

    There's no longer a need to set this explicitly in SDL Web 8.5.

    Whether or not to output the XPM tags and JavaScript is normally controlled within the web application and whether the Content Delivery environment is configured for Session Preview is controlled by:
    1. The URL of the site matching a Website, Webapp and Publication Mapping in Topology Manager, and
    2. The presence of the Session-enabled Content Service and the Preview Service capabilities on the matching Content Delivery environment.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for understanding me.Could you please share me some document so that i can understand more on that?.

    Thanks in advanced!!!
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    Hi Jagannath.

    If you need to determine whether a particular publishing target has XPM enabled on it in your templating code then you can use the IsPreviewCapable method on the Target Type. I.e. targetType.IsPreviewCapable(contextPublication);

    You can see a more detailed example of this in the IsXpmEnabled method (starting at line 42) in the following DXA code:


    Hope this helps!


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    Above link to DXA code is to an old version of DXA which supported SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 and SDL Web 8. It has some peculiar code to make that possible. Here's a slightly newer version which is using SDL Web 8.1+ APIs: github.com/.../Utility.cs
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    Excellent. Thanks for the updated link Rick.
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