Publishing APIs help

Looking for some pointers / help in API around publishing.

1. We can create the publication / output format, via the API, but how do being the publishing process, I am not seeing an obvious API call for this.

2. Has anyone used the CompletedBaselineByCandidateAndMode? Need some help in how to use the API. Specifically the pasStartLogicalids and paStartResourceLogicalIds, what are these referring to.

3. How do we set conditions via the API, not seeing an obvious API call for this either.

  • Hi Scott,

    1. You can trigger the actual publishing process by updating the field FISHPUBSTATUS to the Pending status. This update is a SetMetadata call from the PublicationOutput2.5 class.

    example of the metadata to be supplied:

    <ishfield name='FISHPUBSTATUS' level='lng' ishvaluetype='element'>VPUBSTATUSPUBLISHPENDING</ishfield>

    2. The StartLogicalIds and StartResourceLogicalIds are meant to allow you to supply the root ditamap and the resources which are linked to your publication version to this call. So by default, the pasStartLogicalIds would contain the GUID stored in the FISHMASTERREF property of the publication version object for which you would like to Complete the Baseline. The pasResourceLogicalIds will contain the list GUIDs available in the FISHRESOURCES property of the publication version object.

    3. We store and maintain the Context in the FISHPUBCONTEXT field on the publication object version.
    So whatever is set through Publication Manager will be available in that field and can be overwritten/changed using the normal update calls (SetMetadata function on the PublicationOutput25 class).
    However, do keep in mind that you can only store one Context in the field and you will overwrite whatever information was available.
    Do keep in mind that you can not change this field after a publication output has been released.

    Kind Regards,


  • A followup issue / question on this topic. For some reason when the publication process completes after setting through the API, the status is set back to "Draft", the expectation is it would be "Release Candidate". Is there some additional metadata that should be set to indicate the returning status once the job is done?

  • Hi, Scott. Apologies for jumping in, but just saw the thread this morning. Are all the objects in your baseline in released state?

  • I would advise to open the publication in Publication Manager, the actionable publish report will tell you which things you are missing to get to a 'Release Candidate' - so actionable is that you can double-click and get locates to the 'problem' objects.


  • Got it. On a related topic. How can we determine if the publication job is complete? Look at the end date in the report? Or is there a better method? NOTE: Need to do this through the API.

  • No, they were not. Was thinking this was the case, but didn't realize for sure until Dave pointed out to look at the report.

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